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Unfortunately this piano was left uncovered in the rain and has been damaged beyond onsite repair. It will be removed in the next day or so. Nearest piano to this location is the bus station – terminal5.

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  1. Oli Jones playing Red Clay on the South Gate 'Play Me I'm Yours' piano during the Bath Music Festival, May 2010.
  2. The boys were deciding what to play, and when they did I have to say that it was less than wonderful, but good fun! The woman on the mobile showed no sign of realising that anything was being played. I also liked the stationary guy on the right watching proceedings - a piano guard perhaps! And the writing on the yellow boards attracted me too. All power to the Festival public piano project!
  3. It seems the piano was left uncovered in the rain a few days ago. Its likely this piano will have to be removed from the site. A real shame. The nearest piano to this location is in the bus station- just down the road. Its by terminal 5. enjoy!
  4. Played on Sunday and it was pretty badly out down in the lower keys. Great place to get people interested, could do with a tune up though.
  5. The Tracy Lounge Piano from Thunderbirds played by Alfie Pugh in Bath. Pianos free to play as part of the music festival.

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