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  1. Yes it seems this piano wasn't covered during the recent bad weather. Every piano has a 'friend' whos task it is to make sure its been covered when bad weather is expected. A real shame this one's been caught out . R.I.P.
  2. Rain stops play
  3. Le Piano est Mort -

    One or two of Blackburns piano's have been victims of a severe thrashing. No it's not the result of vandalism its the onslaught of the Blackburn weather. Sitting outside in the rain doesn't suit the temprement of most pianos.

    Rain caused the keys to swell making them imobile. The black keys have fallen off because the adhesive that once held them in place has dissolved.

    Can anyone offer a creative response and suggest what might be done with this and other now useless pianos?
  4. Eleanor enjoys a quite moment on the keyboard in the ever so slightly continental environment of Fleming square
  5. Debra Brown from Global Hugs comes across a piano at the Bandstand on St James Street in Burnley whilst on a Friday night out (9 July 2010) and is joined in a duet by a passer by. It's great how the street pianos project can connect people through music.

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