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Blue Ash Square

Hunt and Cooper Roads

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  1. Love this Beacon Orthopedics piano in Blue Ash!
  2. Heather and I played some "Heart and Soul". As that was the extent of my piano skills, Heather then played some Disney songs and some Mozart. Had a great time!
  3. Just another sunny day in Blue Ash!
  4. I played this afternoon. The piano has a nice tone, but the temp changes are starting to pull the tuning off especially on the low end. Not suprising with TWO 20 degree F temperature changes every single day.

    Still sounds good, though.

    What a nice touch and sound! The bass is resonant, and the treble is bright for being out in the open. Watch out for splinters above the keys proper!

    They tend to play "background" music (pretty loudly) from time to time from the speakers on the stage on the square there, so if one is so inclined to "play along" with something you can rock on out with it.
    That actually worked pretty sweetly for "Working for the Weekend" this fine Friday afternoon...

    If you're not interested in hearing other music while you play, you could probably find a better location, or the City of Blue Ash could tone down the music blaring in the square for this exhibit. This big stack of music speakers isn't more than 20 meters from the piano. Fortunately or unfortunately, they face the other way.

    I thought the artists might be interested in what I played this afternoon:

    This afternoon I enjoyed works by:

    Englebert Humperdink (the 19th century composer, not the '70s pop guy.)
    Anton Bruckner
    Gustav Mahler
    Richard Wagner
    G. F. Handel
    Ray Charles
    Eddie Money
    Pink Floyd

    Everyone enjoy and "Fanget An!"

  5. Saw the piano this morning as the sun came up on the square. it looks great, enjoy the music

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