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School for the Creative and Performing Arts

108 W. Central Parkway.

This piano is available from August 27 – September 17.

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  1. Beautiful piano, but sound wise, lots of rattle, wear and tear.

    It's flat-out gorgous outside, though.

  2. Was my last day on co-op for a local design agency, LPK. I asked my friend Chris do grab a flip video camera and come with me so I could play some piano improv on our lunch. Always a good reminder to be a kid and play. :)

    If you enjoy the piano improv, check out additional art work at http://www.digitallush.com !
  3. GCAEC Board Member and former SCPA parent (oh, and did we mention international superstar?!), Peter Frampton, tickles the ivories in front of the Erich Kunzel Center for Arts and Education.
  4. I got off work about 3:30, which, in retrospect, was probably not the best time to play this one. I did indeed liberate a folding chair from my office many, many blocks away, and my husband gamely carried it for me.

    This one is still by far one of my favorite paint jobs, but there were a LOT of kids milling around and randomly banging on it as they passed by to catch their legions of buses. This one is going to get destroyed at this location, I fear. Which is a shame because this one was one of the better instruments to start with.

    The kids did give me my shot at playing, and they were probably the biggest audience I've had. It was hard to get a picture that didn't have lots of kid faces in it (we didn't want to upset any parents or anything) but this shot is great because I see things on the piano I had never noticed while I was playing it the past couple of weeks at the library.

    This piano marks the number 40 milestone. It was way too hot to trek down to the Coffee Emporium, but I should make that later this week.
  5. An update on our stolen bench: I'm told that one of the SCPA staffers detached the bench and took it inside for safekeeping. We'll try to get it reattached tomorrow for your sitting pleasure. Applause to those jamming while standing!

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