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Athens Square Park

22 stories & pictures about “Athens Square Park”

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  1. Another piano I didn't get a chance to visit... sad.
  2. As an Astoria resident I am ashamed and disappointed at this senseless vandalism. Obviously the perpetrators have lives so devoid of joy that they feel the need to destroy something that brings happiness to a community. Such a shame.
  3. ...speechless about such a brutal act...
  4. A VERY SAD picture to share. The piano's remain lay right next to a Socrates' statue when we got here around 5:35 p.m. on Sunday, 6/27. Oh Socrates, with all your wisdom, please explain to Emily why someone could have the heart to do this to a piano?
  5. unfortunately, this piano had been removed by the time I got there, due to damage. :( Too bad.

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