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Chelsea Market

This piano is inside, at the far west end of the very long corridor of shops.

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  1. It's the 4th of July. I had a limited window to catch up with my good friend and bandmate Emily. Naturally we chose to meet over music. We're photographed at the Chelsea Market piano thinking of something to perform. I do my lackluster catalog of incomplete covers. Was this our last musical endeavor before her departure for Panama? Likely. I couldn't cook up the chords to S. McLachlan's "I Will Remember You" fast enough.

    Not photographed: the iPad (providing lyrics to some Lennon and Beach Boys songs), the guitar handoff, Jake's backpack & jazz pianist Marilyn treating us to compelling renditions of Davis and Mingus pieces.

    Mission accomplished. Cheers to this experience. Shine brightly in Panama, Emily.

  2. Sam and I went to 8 pianos today---heard some great musicians playing.
    Sam played Strawberry Fields. The nearby security guard encouraged Sam to play a few songs. It was fun.
  3. Singer/Songwriter Alexandra Kelly, thursday late in the afternoon on the piano..played four original songs. This one is called Borderline..
    people walked, smiled, stopped, took pictures.

    then she went outside to the other one...
  4. Played both pianos in Chelsea on Thursday July 1st...what a great experience!....thanks to Luke Jerram for the opportunity.
    waiting for my videos to load so I can post them.........I Love Music, I Love NY and NY Loves Musicians!
  5. It's 5.50 pm on 6/30. I waited out a woman who could belt out Chopin with fire and ease. The fun part of this was the audience that person built up easily a dozen people watching.

    I could follow that up, nah, not that well, but the piano was responsive to whatever I wanted to play. THat felt good, to have a medley of stuff including "Hall of the Mountain King" from Peer Gynt by Edvard Grieg. That is something that is a three act drama. Controlled, letting loose and then taking the whole tempest and only hanging on for the ride.

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