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Fort Greene: Visitors’ Center

19 stories & pictures about “Fort Greene: Visitors’ Center”

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  1. This is the beautiful Kelli Scar playing a song off her new album, available now www.kelliscarrmusic.com. This was part of a GIVE LOVE video tour to promote a fundraiser at Wanderlustfestival.com put on by yogaaid.com. Give LOVE!!
  2. My mom playing her diligently rehearsed Beethoven "Pathetique" on this lovely first day of July.
  3. these cats were cool enough to let me play and regal with stories of old...ha ha ha...well they were politely attentive...
  4. To view montage of Chopin's Minute Waltz played by Vadim Ghin on all the street pianos from "Play Me I'm Yours - NYC 2010" please visit: www.theNYCminute.com
  5. This nice piano was "hidden" by the Ft. Green Visitor's Center. This was by far one of the best pianos I played and in the most picturesque setting. To add to this, Jake and his parents were enticed by the music, came by, and videoed this for me while Jake added some great footage and sounds. This is the highlight of this tour. This is one of many examples of hope "Play Me, I'm Yours" succeeded in bringing unlike people together through their like of music.

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