Play Me, I’m Yours: Sydney 2009

In January, 30 street pianos will be delivered to the streets of Sydney and Parramatta for the Sydney Festival 2009. Located in public squares, bus shelters, parks, a tattoo parlour, hairdressers and even on a ferry, the pianos are there for any member of the public to play. Who will play them and how long they remain is up to each community. Feel free to personalise and decorate your piano.

This website was made for you to post your comments, films and photos about the pianos. It is aimed to help document each piano’s journey whilst connecting the pianos and their communities across the city. You can use this site to help organise and advertise your performances.


  1. Charles Street Wharf  (map)
  2. Church Street Mall  (map)
  3. Darcy Street  (map)
  4. Lennox Bridge Bus Stop  (map)
  5. Macquarie Street  (map)
  6. Swimming Centre  (map)
  7. Parramatta PCYC  (map)
  8. Prince Alfred Park  (map)
  9. Salon Noir  (map)
  10. Yefsi Café  (map)


  1. Australia Square  (map)
  2. Centennial Park  (map)
  3. Circular Quay  (map)
  4. George Street Construction Site  (map)
  5. Glebe Library  (map)
  6. Harry's Café de Wheels  (map)
  7. Oxford Square  (map)
  8. The Illustrated Man  (map)
  9. Manly Ferry  (map)
  10. Market City  (map)
  11. Peace Park Chippendale  (map)
  12. Phillip Park  (map)
  13. Queen Victoria Building Square  (map)
  14. Redfern Community Centre  (map)
  15. Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Hospital  (map)
  16. Sydney Opera House  (map)
  17. Taylor Square  (map)
  18. Victoria Park Pool  (map)
  19. Wayside Chapel  (map)
  20. Wynyard Station Bus Stops  (map)