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Cour du Château

Heures d’ouverture/opening hours 9h-21h.

I fell in love!!! ❤️ This old piano filled my heart with joy and love. This is indescribable... It was something very special! A bond developed between us... I couldn’t stop playing... I was happy at that moment and I didn’t need anything more. It was really unforgettable! I wish that every person could feel the same at least once in his life.

Sanda Adler ( @_maria_alexandrina_ ) // Jun 27, 2018 à 10:18 am
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The pianos are back! Pianos scattered around the town to be played by members of the public. Short article coming up on Living in Nyon #nyon #jouezjesuisavous #switzerland #villedenyon

Living in Nyon // Jun 17, 2018 à 8:49 am
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Le piano à queue dans la cour du Château de Nyon

Tako // Jun 13, 2018 à 7:14 pm
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